Saturday, June 26, 2010

Paw Prints

I'm working on the write up for my new pattern "Paw Print Booties".

Paw Print Booties are a crochet slipper sock style baby bootie with a ribbed fold-over cuff and paw print design on the sole. The bootie itself is completely seamless in construction, the “paw prints” are optional and sewn on. Make it in brown for many different animals, or make it in blue and it resembles a certain clue leaving puppy on a popular kids show. Makes an adorable baby shower gift or photography prop. Sizing options for newborn through toddler.
Skill level: Beginner
This bootie pattern makes a super cute themed gift set when paired with my “Monkeying Around” hat.

Pattern is in development and being tested. It will be available soon!

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