Sweet City Shoppe

Sweet City Shoppe is my collection of delicious knits inspired by items you might find in an old fashioned sweet shop.

Sweet City Cupcake Hat

The cupcake hat is the mascot of Sweet City Knits. A sweet confection topped with a maraschino cherry. My cupcake hats are fully customizable by cake and frosting color choices, with or without sprinkles.

 Frilly Janes

A sweet companion accessory to the Cupcake Hat. Frilly Janes feature faux ruffled anklet socks tucked into a Mary Jane style shoe with working cross strap. Buttons can be customized. Available in matching cupcake colors, traditional Mary Jane leathers, or Dorothy ruby slippers.

Ice Cream Treat Bags

A sweet place to keep your precious items. The Ice Cream Treat Bags were designed as party favor bags, they make an adorable wristlet as well. The pattern can be made with or without a drawstring. Ice cream scoop in any imaginable flavor sits on a crunchy sugar cone.