Monday, June 14, 2010

Berries are Bursting at Sweet City

I love going to the local orchards for a day of berry picking. It's so exciting to take a hayride through rows of  bushes and trees, that offer a preview of the next round of picking to come. Once you reach your field, a charming farmhand in a straw hat greets you as you spy the full baskets of those who had finished and are waiting to board the wagon you are leaving. Walking amongst the neat rows is like a treasure hunt, what bright little gems do you spy? And oh, there's a perfect one in the next row over, should you cross? Perhaps you sample a few, just to make sure they are as tasty as they look. A basket fills up quickly, and you ride home dreaming of pies, jam, shortcake, tarts, fruit salad, and smoothies.

In honor of the beautiful fruit, a new collection is coming to Sweet City Knits. This is from the Sweet Garden Collection, I call it "Berry Good" because those berries

Know why I love roll brim hats? They roll up for newborns, and you unroll the brim as the baby grows.

This one inspired by the lovely bright blue color of blueberries before they are picked off the bush. Of course summer fruit comes in a variety of colors and flavors, customize your sweetie as a peach, raspberry, lemon, lime, apple, etc. I'm currently working on a rattle to complete the Berry Good Baby Gift Set.

The booties feature cross over straps and delightful ladybug buttons.

This design is particularly charming on twins, just choose a different fruit for each baby.

What's on my mind right now? Making a "Berry Good" set for these delicious beauties. Yes, that's right, these are from my weekend haul.

Keep a watch out for berries to burst onto my Etsy shop: Sweet City Knits

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