Friday, July 9, 2010

The Cupcakes Have Landed!

Finally, the long awaited arrival of the Sweet City Cupcake Hat! (Well, long awaited for me at least)

Sure, I'd seen other cupcake hats out there, but none had the look I wanted. I wanted frosting with a ruffled edge, a cherry that looked like a cherry, and it had to be totally safe for a baby to wear. Since I couldn't find the one I wanted, I decided to design it!


The Sweet City Cupcake is all I imagined. This could also be custom made with beads, buttons, or scraps of colorful yarn to make sprinkles.

Purchase the Hat: If you are interested in your own custom designed cupcake hat, send me an email:
This hat matches my "Frilly Jane" booties as well. I'm currently thinking about rattles to make this as a gift set. perhaps a large plump cherry?

Purchase the Pattern from my Ravelry Store

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